Texas C-BAR’s Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for low-income populations in Texas by providing pro bono business law resources to nonprofits and microentrepreneurs.
We fulfill this mission by:

  • providing pro bono referrals and direct services to nonprofits and microentrepreneurs for non-litigation legal matters, in addition to supporting
    volunteer attorneys to help ensure the referrals are successful;
  • offering legal workshops, on-line resources, and publications on important legal issues affecting nonprofits and microentrepreneurs; and
  • collaborating with strategic partners to address systemic legal barriers to community development in low-income communities.

Guiding Values

  • We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of Texas’s low-income neighborhoods and communities.
  • We recognize and appreciate the importance of volunteers and investors to the success of our organization.
  • We are dedicated to continuous improvement in the processes that allow us to serve our clients.
  • We are dedicated to strengthening nonprofits serving low-income communities by providing the nonprofits with the legal tools and relationships they need to fulfill their missions.
  • We strive to serve nonprofits that provide innovative and effective solutions to improve the quality of life in low-income communities.
  • We recognize that nonprofits build essential infrastructures which, in relationship with the public and private sectors, provide low-income families with opportunities to transition out of poverty.
  • We place a priority on serving nonprofit organizations controlled and driven by low-income community residents.
  • We strive to make pro bono services rewarding and fulfilling for our attorneys.
  • We encourage mutual respect between clients and lawyers.
  • We provide the resources necessary for our volunteer lawyers to provide the highest quality legal services to nonprofits.
  • We value coordination and collaboration with other organizations with common interests.