Fees and Costs
The participating attorney agrees to represent the client on the matter referred without charging fees for the attorney’s services or any internal costs (i.e., copying, long distance, faxes, Federal Express, travel, secretarial support, and other expenses incurred by the attorney during the representation). The client is responsible for paying any filing fees or other external costs necessitated by the project which are not waived by the attorney, such as title reports, closing costs, IRS filings, and other state and federal filing costs.

In accepting a case from Texas C-BAR, each volunteer attorney
agrees to:

  1. Treat the client with the same dignity and respect you would accord any other client.
  2. Conduct all legal work in a timely manner and with the same degree of professionalism that you would accord any other client.
  3. Make sure that you have no conflicts of interest.
  4. Consult with Texas C-BAR, as needed.
  5. Keep track of the amount of time you work on each matter.
  6. Inform Texas C-BAR when the matter is complete.
  7. If any problems arise in the course of representing your pro bono client, contact Texas C-BAR immediately.
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