Employment Law

These files contain information for nonprofits working with employees, volunteers, and independent contractors, including sample forms, manuals and an overview of laws applicable to nonprofit employers.

Texas Mechanic’s & Materialmen’s Liens: A Guide for Self-Employed Contractors and Construction Workers
Gravamen de mecánico o constructor de Texas
A guide for contractors, subcontractors, and construction workers on how to secure payment though a mechanic’s lien. Includes sample forms.

 Employment Law Issues: A Guide for Nonprofits in Texas
This manual provides useful resources for nonprofit employers, including forms, checklists, and an overview of important legal issues.

Hiring Your First Employee

 Hiring Employees
These files contain information regarding the general legal requirements affecting hiring employees, including model forms for applications and reference releases.

 Managing Employees
These files contain information on managing employees including paying employees, workplace safety, leaves of absence, discipline, and termination.

 Employee Handbooks and Contracts
These files contain model personnel policy handbooks, contracts, and an overview of the laws governing independent contractors.

These files contain information and model forms for nonprofit corporations that use volunteers.

 Independent Contractors
These files contain information about independent contractors and a sample agreement.

Required Posters
These files contain links to the posters that an employer in Texas must post in the workplace.

 Useful Links
These files contain useful links to government agencies and other online resources regarding employees, volunteers, and independent contractors.

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