Risk Management

General Risk Management

Download this file.Determining Insurance Needs of Housing Development Organizations
This paper outlines the issues to consider when making decisions about insurance coverage.

Download this file.Risk Management
This chapter from our Legal Toolkit focuses on risk management and provides guidance on risk management strategies for nonprofit organizations.

Download this file.Sample Permission Form (Word)
This sample provides a framework for creating a permission form.

Download this file.Sample Van Policy (Word)
This sample provides a framework for developing a driver policy and trip policy for van usage.


Download this file.Cybersecurity Legal Minute
This primer discusses data collected by organizations as personal information and the differences of privacy, data protection, information security, cybersecurity and legal obligations.

Download this file.Cybersecurity Overview
This article gives an  overview on data privacy and protection

Download this file.Cybersecurity Checklist
This checklist can help an organization get organized and started down the path to creating a sound privacy and data protection program.

Disaster Planning

Open a new browser window.Disaster Relief
This manual was created by the IRS.

Download this file.Hurricanes, Floods and Tornadoes: Helping Nonprofits Address Natural Disaster Related Concerns: Fall 2008
This Legal Minute addresses some of the legal concerns raised by Texas nonprofits following natural disasters.

Download this file. Sample Disaster Plan
This document will help your nonprofit design a plan for continuing operations during a disaster.

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