Real Estate

This section includes important real estate information for nonprofits involved in real estate and community development, including general real estate forms, information on property tax laws in Texas, clearing title to land, and landlord-tenant laws.

This section contains guides, sample documents and links regarding landlord-tenant laws, foreclosures, elder housing and housing for people with disabilities, and preservation of affordable housing.

These files contain an overview of community housing development organizations (CHDOs), how to form a CHDO, sample forms, and other relevant materials and links.

Property Tax
These files contain information on ad valorem taxes in Texas, including information on property tax exemptions.

Clearing Title
These files contain important information for nonprofits trying to obtain clear title to property, including information on important state statutes created to help nonprofits clear title to land.

Contracts for Deed Conversion
These files contain information on laws affecting contracts for deed conversions as well as sample documents and links to useful resources.

These files contain information regarding the zoning of real estate.

Legal Resource LibrarySample Real Estate Forms
These files contain useful real estate forms for residential and commercial real estate.

Download this file.LAMP Commercial Lease Guide – This publication is designed to guide and assist nonprofits and microentrepreneurs in understanding their legal obligations when entering into a commercial lease agreement.

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