November 12, 2015: Free Legal Seminar for Nonprofit Organizations (DALLAS)

“Pfizer Strategic Legal Thinking Seminars for Nonprofit Executives – Managing Volunteers: Understanding the Legal Impact”,  November 12, 2015,  10:30 AM to 2:45 PM CST

Every nonprofit relies heavily on the services of volunteers: Board members, tutors, mentors, little league coaches, office workers, committee members who organize the annual gala, and the people who serve coffee and donuts at your community events. But what are your legal responsibilities to your volunteers, and what are your potential liabilities because of actions taken by your volunteers?

This seminar will look at the legal differences between an employee and a volunteer and offer information to help nonprofits clarify the volunteer relationship. The seminar will discuss the legal issues involved in compensating a volunteer or reimbursing the volunteer’s expenses—including whether such payments are subject to tax, how the nonprofit can avoid inadvertent problems under the wage and hour laws, and whether a volunteer can claim a tax deduction in connection with volunteering. It will also examine when a nonprofit can be held liable for a volunteer’s actions, when a nonprofit may be liable to the volunteer, and ways to mitigate that liability.

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