New Clients

This application is for organizations which have not received services through Texas C-BAR before. Returning clients should complete the Returning Client form. Prior to submitting an application, review our Eligibility Requirements to make sure your organization is eligible for our services. If you are forming a new organization, review our Startup Recommendations. Once you have submitted a completed application, a staff member will contact you for an intake interview.

You may also submit an application by completing a downloaded application (Word / PDF) and emailing it or mailing it to:

Texas C-BAR
4920 N. IH 35, 2nd Floor
Austin, Texas  78751

Direct any questions you have regarding this application to our office:

Phone: 512-374-2712 or (800) 369-9270, ext. 2712
Fax: 512-447-3940


Application for Pro Bono Legal Services

*Required fields.

Part I. Organization Information

Name of Organization:*

Address:* City:* State:* Zip Code:*

Phone Number:* Fax Number:


Part II. Contact Information

Contact Name:* Position:*

Address:* City:* State:* Zip Code:*

Contact Email:*

Work Number:* Cell Number*:

Part III. Organization Background

Please describe the purpose and/or mission of the organization:*

When and how did the organization form?*

Number of Employees. Paid:* Unpaid:*

What community/geographic region does the organization serve?*

Please list all the counties the organization serves*

Who are your constituents/persons served (i.e., families earning less than 50% median family income, victims of domestic violence, etc.)?*

Part IV. Incorporation and Tax Exemption

Is your organization incorporated in Texas as a nonprofit?*

If so, please attach copies of your Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws.

Has your organization been designated as tax-exempt under 501(c)(3) by the IRS?*

If so, please attach a copy of the organization's IRS determination letter.

If not, has your organization applied for 501(c)(3) federal tax exemption?

Part V. Financial Information

What is the organization's annual budget?* $

Please upload an annual financial report or income/expense statement (with a breakdown of income sources and expenses) for the most recent available fiscal year.

If the organization is applying for assistance to incorporate or to obtain a tax exemption, do you project that the organization's annual gross receipts will exceed $50,000 in any of the next 3 years?

If yes, please attach (1) three years of itemized financial information (historical, projected, or a combination of the two); and (2) a detailed description of planned organizational activities, programs, and goals. This information will be required by the IRS.

Does your budget contain a line for legal fees?*

If yes, please list amount. $

Part VI. Legal Needs

Describe as specifically as possible the legal needs for which your organization seeks assistance. Note that Texas C-BAR provides only non-litigation legal services (which means we cannot hep you if you need help to sue someone or are being sued).*

Please send copies of all related documents, such as a project proposal, contracts, title documents, etc. (keep originals for your records).

Please list any deadlines and the nature of the deadlines relating to your request for assistance.

Please list the names of all of the other parties involved in the transaction for which you seek legal assistance, so that we can be sure to eliminate all conflicts of interest in referring this matter (e.g., bank name, seller name, title company, etc.). This is VERY IMPORTANT!

What are the outcomes you expect from this project? (e.g., we will build 10 houses for low-income families, we will hire 2 staff members, etc.)

How did you hear about Texas C-BAR?*

 I understand that submitting this application does NOT form an attorney-client relationship and the information provided is NOT subject to attorney-client privilege.