Returning Clients – Request Additional Pro Bono Legal Services

This form is for organizations which have already received services through Texas C-BAR and are
requesting additional services. After we receive a completed request, we will contact you to discuss in
more detail the exact nature of your request for pro bono legal services. We will then determine whether
your group is eligible and then attempt to match your request for legal assistance with an attorney with the
appropriate expertise. The referral process can take from two to four weeks.

  1. Name of Organization:

  2. Name of Submitter:

  3. Email of Submitter:

  4. Please list any changes in contact information for your
    organization (address, phone number, etc.): If
    so, list changes here:

  5. Describe as specifically as possible the legal needs for
    which your organization currently seeks
    assistance. Please send copies of all related documents, such as a project
    proposal, contracts, title
    documents, etc.
    You can fax these copies to: 512-447-3940.

  6. Are there any deadlines relating to your request for assistance?
    If so, list dates and nature of

  7. Please list the names of all of the other parties involved in the transaction for which you seek legal
    assistance, so that we can be sure to eliminate all conflicts of interest
    in referring this matter (e.g.,
    bank name, seller name, title company, etc.). This is VERY

  8. What are the outcomes you expect from this project? (number of houses built,
    families assisted, etc.)